Register to the Workshop on Materials and Devices for Biomagnetism and Magnetometry.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working in the field of magnetic devices and related materials to stimulate new ideas and directions in emerging applications in biomagnetism.

Attendance to this event is free-of-charge upon registration

When? Tuesday April 16th, 2024

Where? Online (platform and link will be communicated to registered participants)


The OXiNEMS project is officially over! However, we will continue to communicate the developments of our activities through social media and the website

Enjoy right now our submitted article on “Integration of High-Tc Superconductors with High Q Factor Oxide Mechanical Resonators” on arXiv ! [OPEN]


Luca Pellegrino visited on 22.11.23 the Collaborative Research Centre CRC 1261 at the Faculty of Engineering of Kiel University and present the recent OXiNEMS results with a talk.

LINK to the event

The OXiNEMS activities have been presented at IEEE NMDC 2023.

Nicola Manca gave the invited talk on “Complex Oxides NanoMechanics” on Tuesday 24 October 2023, while the last results on the OXiNEMS magnetometer have been presented by Luca Pellegrino Wednesday  25 October 2023 with the contributed talk “A Hybrid Superconductor/Nanomechanical Magnetic Field Detector for Biomagnetism”.

On 29 October 2023, “Brain and Quantum Sensors” conference took place at the twenty-first edition of the Genoa Science Festival, where Stefania Della Penna (University “G. d’Annunzio” of Chieti-Pescara) and Carmine Granata (Cnr-Isasi) talked about magnetoencephalography, SQUIDs and emerging magnetic field sensors capable of increasing the applications spectrum and diffusion of magnetoencephalographic systems. The discussion has been moderated by Luca Pellegrino and organized in the framework of the OXiNEMS project.


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