Giving a look into literature about magnetism, one may ask a question: Which comes first? The new naming of the phenomenon, or the use of an already existing word adapted in order to describe the phenomenon?

Enjoy the paper written by Grazia Biorci from CNR-IRCrES, where she analyses the term “magnetism” in the language and literature and gives some hints on how the linguistic transmission runs along two parallel paths, in balance between the progress of scientific knowledge and the specialization of its language.

This article has been inspired by a collaboration between Grazia Biorci and the OXiNEMS project in the framework of the 20th edition of the Genoa Science Festival for the exhibition “we are all magnetic”, dealing with magnetometers for consumer applications and biomagnetism. The OXiNEMS team acknowledge Grazia for her precious support!

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Three talks at conferences by the OXiNEMS members have been done in the last month!


On September 8th Nicola Manca gave an oral contribution entitled  "Functional Oxides for Enriched MEMS" at the CMD30-FisMat2023 joint  conference in Milan (IT) about recent advancements in oxide nano-mechanics and the OXiNEMS project.


A Hybrid Superconductor/Nanomechanical Magnetic Field Detector for Biomagnetism” has been presented by Luca Pellegrino at EUCAS23 in Bologna (IT) on September 7th at 10.00 with a contributed talk.



Luca Pellegrino gave an invited talk at ICCGE20 on August 4th in Napoli (IT) with the title “The role of epitaxy in microelectromechanical systems made with transition metal oxide films”.

Preprint of our article “Strain, Young's modulus, and structural transition of EuTiO3 thin films probed by micro-mechanical methods” by Nicola Manca, Gaia Tarsi, Alexei Kalaboukhov, Francesco Bisio, Federico Caglieris, Floriana Lombardi, Daniele Marré, Luca Pellegrino is now available on ArXiv



Luca Pellegrino & Nicola Manca enjoyed visiting the Warner Venstra’s laboratory at Quantified Air B.V. in Leiden.


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