OXiNEMS booth at MNE2023

The results of the OXiNEMS project were presented in a Start-Up booth at the Micro- and Nano Engineering conference MNE2023 in Berlin on 25-28 september 2023.

An overview of the OXiNEMS project was presented, with a focus on Oxide-based mechanical devices, Oxide nanomechanics as a key technology for MEMS magnetometers and the Route towards a nanomechanical MEG channel. The booth was manned by Quantified Air, and besides an a generic overview of the project, the audience could experience live demo's including the inspection of real Oxide MEMS devices under a microscope, and 3-printed models of the portable channel and of the hybrid sensor.

Also a fully operating EFPI20M fiber interferometer was demonstrated, showing nanometer displacement sensitivity on the booth table using an oscilloscope and a positioning stage.